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How To Start Vanlife pt. 2

It’s no secret that if you live in a van, skoolie, car, tiny house you have limited storage space. Therefore, something you can start practicing now is a minimalistic lifestyle. Start with your closet and go through EVERYTHING. Whatever you haven’t worn in the past year - throw it out! At the end of every season reevaluate your belongings once again. I cut my closet in half about four times before I moved into my first van.

Then head to other areas of your home and do the same. Practice keeping only what you need and use regularly.

Once you’ve determined what you no

longer need - consider donating to homeless shelter, women's shelter, refugee center, etc. before you head to a Goodwill. And if your items are still in good shape you can also consider up-cycling through platforms such as Poshmark! Click here to receive $10 joining Poshmark and use code KLHOLDEN900.

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